Built for Golf Professionals

Finally, golf professionals no longer have to settle. They no longer have to settle for outdated technology, companies that don't understand today's needs, and online scheduling software that was built for other industries and retro-fitted for golf. Our scheduling software was built for ease of use, mobility, functionality and simplicity. We understand that teaching the game of golf and building relationships with your students is how you'll build and continue to grow your business.

Lesson Caddy Features
Lesson Caddy Features

Manage Your Business with Ease

You're a small business - with a tight budget. You're on the go - juggling 100 different responsibilities with time for only a few. If you're like every other golf professional you need some staff, but most likely can't afford as many as you need (if any). One of the things that make our online scheduling software so special is that it helps you book, track, bill, and organize your teaching business. It is like having your own personal assistant.

Receive Notifications, Reduce No Shows

Wouldn't it be nice if somehow you could have notifications sent to your phone? Well you don't have to look any further. Our online scheduling software can send you and your students SMS messages (text messages) to remind you about lessons. We can also sync up to yours and your students online calendar so there is always access to that lesson information. And what about after the lesson? You can setup to have students receive e-mails that haven't booked in awhile to encourage them to re-book.

Lesson Caddy Features
Lesson Caddy

Integrate with Your Website & Branded Academy

We know how important customer service is and how you engage your students can make or break whether they return often for lessons. We have built our online scheduling software to integrate so seamlessly with products like your Branded Academy and website. With the help of V1 Sports & Golf Web Design there is nothing holding you back in your business. It is now so easy to keep your students up-to-date, engaged and excited about improving their game.